Case study: Contour House

Case study: Contour House


Project name: Contour House

Location: Hoylandswaine

Classification: New Domestic Building

Size: 300m2

Client: Mr A & J Jones

Project term: October 2016 – April 2017

Project team details:

Building Contractor – RSW Builders

Architect – Axis Architecture, Sheffield

Project Management – Green Building Store, Huddersfield


Project Summary

Contour House is a 300m2 domestic project designed to be self sufficient and eco-friendly with an architectural and design strategy which addresses several areas of sustainability at once. It incorporates high levels of insulation with an emphasis on being airtight. Being located in a semi-rural position in Hoylandswaine the design of it’s appearance is sympathetic to it’s location with natural wood timbers and a wildflower, highly insulated green roof. The project management came from a team at Green Building Store in Huddersfield, who are sustainable building pioneers with a commitment to creating low energy building’s. They paved the way to manage the construction on the eco-friendly property with low energy bills and CO2 carbon emissions, using high levels of continuous insulation, together with stringent airtightness and advanced ventilation strategies.

Endon Roofing have a wealth of knowledge and experience in sustainable building by working with such companies and continue to improve and learn in order to further the successes in the development of our future projects.


Contour House


Contour House is a Passivhaus project with the installation of a NVHR system. The system has been installed to allow single-sided, natural ventilation in deep plan spaces whilst making the most of internal heat gains to deliver superb thermal comfort. This system allows the property to be naturally ventilated using low-energy mixing fans mitigating cold draughts in winter and providing a supply air boost in summer. External and internal temperature sensors and an intelligent controller monitor conditions create an ideal living environment. The system ensures heat from appliances such as ovens, shower steam, etc is transferred around the property to provide a monitored and maintained temperature level. Whilst the system is designed to work effectively it relies heavily on the building being airtight therefore Contour House has been built using high quality glazing and roofing which includes a green roof adding to the insulation levels.

Case study Contour House
Endon Roofing installed a wildflower green roof which is designed to thrive and enhance the environment both aesthetically and ecologically. Green roofs are resilient and capable of withstanding extremes of climate. It is a low cost, long-term roofing solution and a perfect addition to the Contour House project. The wildflower roof requires minimal maintenance and is self-sustaining. It creates huge benefits for surrounding wildlife by creating a microhabitat for species such as birds, insects and fauna.

Endon Roofing also completed installation of single ply membrane with zinc effect standing seams, roof lights and fascias, soffits and gutters on the property – all aspects of the work meets the Breeam standards.

Customer testimonial

“10 out of 10. Endon Roofing provided a comprehensive bespoke service for what was a very individual design of house and to the highest standard.” Mrs Jayne Jones