Electronic Integrity & Leak Test

Electronic Integrity and Leak Testing

Leaks can occur for a range of reasons, such as flawed design, faulty materials, storm damage or even just general wear and tear. Whatever the reason, Endon can quickly and easily identify your leak in your basement, walls or roof using Electronic Leak Identifying technology.

'Fast, accurate and non-invasive testing'

Our electronic integrity tests can also be conducted proactively to certify new roofs or form part of an annual roof inspection. By conducting electronic integrity testing as part of roofing maintenance, many companies are able to prevent serious leaks occurring and make financial savings.

Our electronic integrity testing is:

  • Fast and accurate at locating leaks in most types of membranes
  • Able to detect pinhole leaks
  • Non-invasive (no disruption to your work)
  • Includes post-survey report
  • Certification of waterproof integrity available upon request

After conducting the tests, Endon will provide a post-survey report which looks at the results of the project in detail, listing critical and non-critical actions required. All our roofing professionals are happy to discuss each report given and offer impartial advice.

Whilst electronic testing works on the vast majority of roofs, please note that there are some membranes, such as rubber, which may be incompatible with our tests. To learn more or to discuss your roof with one of our friendly experts, call Endon today on 01924 270 822.