Tapered Insulation

Tapered Insulation

A tapered insulation system provides an effective fall to drainage for roofs that do not have an adequate slope.

Your property needs to channel water away in order to maintain a safe and long lasting roof. Without an efficient drainage system, your roof could suffer from ‘ponding’, whereby pools of water build up and lead to further issues such as bacterial or moss and algae growth.

Ponding is also the greatest threat to the integrity of waterproof membranes. Failing to drain water away quickly leads to the membrane deteriorating and a drop in the waterproofing system’s life expectancy. In more serious cases, a significant build-up of water could lead to structural defects or roof failure which is unlikely to be covered by warranty or insurance.

Although it can be added to structural slopes, in many cases tapered insulation can replace them altogether, which makes it a cost effective way to avoid the adverse effects of standing water without adding a structural fall.