Flat roofs must be designed in accordance with British and European standards, which – amongst others – cover structure, insulation, waterproofing, drainage and access

Endon Roofing are fully licenced trained installers of Protan PVC Single ply membranes which are installed in warm roof construction, whereby the structural roof deck is covered by a vapour control layer, insulation and then the membrane. The vapour control layer is installed between the structural roof deck and the insulation in order to prevent water from condensing within the roof system, which would compromise the roof system’s thermal insulation capacity and ultimately cause the roof to fail.

Manufacturer’s warranties are available from Protan, which cover all materials and components installed by Endon Roofing. Standard warranty lengths range from 10 to 20 years.

Protan UK Limited only supplier’s materials and components to approved partner roofing contractors who employ Protan-Approved installers. All of our roofers are fully experienced and approved Protan installers.

Protan manufactures a variety of PVC single ply membranes for different uses, including:

  • Protan EX PVC Single ply Membrane – suitable to be installed over old roofing underlay
  • Protan SE PVC Single-Ply Membranes – suitable for new-build and refurbishment projects

If your commercial flat roofing project specifies a Protan single ply membrane, please contact us where a full detailed quotation will be provided.

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